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What is Engineered Stone?

Cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx are all examples of man-made stones used for kitchen and bath surfaces. However, the term “Cultured Marble” is rather dated and we prefer to refer to our product as Engineered Stone.

Unlike quarried stone, Engineered Stone is produced using a mixture of resins, stone particles and pigments to create a natural looking material that mimics the look of real stone.

The mixture is cast in molds allowing it to take the desired shape. The molds are lined with a transparent gel coat that bonds to the mixture giving the final product a smooth, clean finish.

The mixture begins as a loose dough-like material that hardens with the use of a catalyst. Before hardening it is poured over the mold to create sinks, shower bases, shower walls, soap dishes, shampoo corners, corner trim, and much more.

Once the material hardens it is carefully removed from the molds. The gel coat can then be either polished or sanded depending on customer preference. A “Standard” finish displays a shiny, glossy coat while a “Matte” finish displays a more subdued and durable look.

Since Engineered Stone is cast there are a multitude of customizable sizes and options. Options include a variety of bowl styles, edge styles, custom sizes, custom shapes, and an array of colors.

Syn-Mar Products is a trusted manufacturer of Engineered Stone and has been serving the communities of New England since 1978. We specialize in custom products but also offer a large selection of standard colors and sizes.

Engineered Stone is the perfect option for residential and commercial applications alike and here’s why:

Natural Beauty – Although man-made, our veining techniques and variety of stone particles and pigments create a product that reflects the natural beauty of real stone.

Customizable – Since it is cast in molds, engineered stone can be produced to fit your pre-existing plumbing and wall space, in whatever color you choose.

Low Maintenance – Engineered stone never needs to be sealed and is easily cleaned with non-abrasive products. Matte products can be refinished with sand paper.

Durable – Engineered stone is non-porous allowing no breeding ground for microbial organisms such as mold. It is also extremely resistant to stains and chips. If chips do occur they are easily patched by a professional Syn-Mar associate.

Economical – Generally engineered stone is less expensive to fabricate and install than real stone. However it adds instantaneous value to the home just like real stone does.

What is the difference between Cultured Stone and Engineered Stone? Read our blog Cultured Marble vs Engineered Marble to learn more.


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