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Is it Slippery?

A frequently asked question we get is "Are you shower bases slippery?" So, what is the answer?

No, our shower bases are NOT slippery. This is because our shower bases will ALWAYS have a non-skid surface on the area you step on. Whether it be a standard style shower base, a custom style shower base, a gloss finish shower base, or a matte finished shower base there will always be a textured non-skid surface.

Now you may be wondering, how is the non-skid surface made by Syn-Mar?

That textured bottom is built into our molds that we pour our handmade resin mixtures into. Which means that not a singular shower base will leave here without that textured bottom. It is also important to note that even with the textured bottom as long as you clean your shower, grime and dirt should not stick to your shower base.

So, let's recap:

- This non-skid surface is not slippery and allows you to feel perfectly stable on your Syn-Mar shower base.

- The textured surface does not make it hard to clean your shower.

- We will not ship out a shower base without that textured bottom.

- The textured bottom is built into our molds.

Check out the pictures below of our non-skid surface on our shower bases! And don't forget to answer the poll.

Do our shower bases come without a textured bottom?

  • NO, they do not!

  • Yes, they do

  • The gloss finish will not have a textured bottom


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