Vanity Tops

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Syn-Mar Products offers vanity tops for virtually any location, budget and style. Our wide variety of materials provide solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Our 3 primary materials for vanity tops are Syn-Mar Engineered Stone, Solid Surface, and Real Stone.

Syn-Mar Engineered Stone – Manufactured in-house at our factory in Ellington, CT, Syn-Mar Engineered Stone is durable, elegant and easy to clean. Options include Engineered Marble, Engineered Onyx and Engineered Granite.

Solid Surface – with options like Corian, Staron and Odyssey, solid surface is particularly exceptional for commercial locations such as university bathrooms, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. 

Real Stone – For those who just love the appeal of real stone, we offer real granite, real marble and quartz from a variety of suppliers.

What material is best for you? It all depends on your individual situation. Stop by our showroom or visit one of our distributors and ask them how to get Syn-Mar Products in your home!