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Engineered Marble vs. Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble is a slightly dated blanket term for manufactured marble, granite, and onyx. Overall, as an industry we are trying to get away from the term Cultured Marble. Many consumers don’t want Cultured Marble in their homes because of its reputation for being an old product that cracks easily.

The truth is, Cultured Marble has come a long way from what it used to be when Syn-Mar Products first opened in 1978. So what is the difference between Engineered Stone and Cultured Stone?

The main difference between the term Engineered Stone and Cultured stone is the recycled stone particles are products are composed of. Many years ago the stone particles, or filler, that make up our product was simply crushed limestone.

Crushed limestone is a generally dirty material that contains imperfections. It is also heavier than and not as strong as the Engineered Stone particles and fillers that we use these days. Currently, we use Engineered Stone filler that is light-weight and strong compared to its predecessor. This means that the filler is a quality controlled material that is specifically designed for the production of Engineered Stone surfaces.

Cultured Marble has a negative connotation in consumer’s minds due to its reputation of cracking in and around the drain. In part, the cracking was due to the oil-based putty plumbers used to secure the drain to the sink. That problem was addressed and now the putty used by plumbers contains no oil. Combine that with our stronger, lighter weight, Engineered Stone filler and you have a vanity top, or kitchen counter that is sure to stand up to the test of time.

With our advanced materials and procedures you should never experience cracking around the drain. However, all Syn-Mar Products are backed by our five year warranty against material and workmanship defects.

Syn-Mar Products offers Engineered Stone in a variety of colors and surface options. Whether you prefer marble, granite, or onyx you are sure to find the sink of your dreams from our extensive lineup of Engineered Stone surfaces.

To learn more about the production of our Engineered Stone products read our blog, What is Cultured Marble?

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What happened to your color Aurora shower walls. I ordered that shower and was told it is no longer available.

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