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3 Cons of a Tile Shower

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

According to, the average person spends almost 3 full days in the shower per year. That adds up to about a half a year of showering by the time you’re sixty years old! With all that time spent bathing, it is important that you choose the right surface for your shower base, walls, and accessories.

Tile showers are often the choice of consumers who want a custom shower that is versatile in terms of color and style. However, the downsides of tile are not always considered. Here are 3 cons of a tile shower:

  1. Grout - Grout is the concrete-like material that is used to install tile. Grout is porous and will become home to mildew with time. Regular cleaning can slow the growth of mildew, but once it takes hold it will require professional cleaning.

  2. Price - Ceramic tile is generally on the cheaper side and porcelain tile tends to be more expensive. Although cheaper, ceramic tile is weaker and lighter than porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is stronger and heavier but is significantly more expensive than ceramic tile.

  3. Install - Since ceramic tile is weaker and lighter it doesn’t make for the best surface underfoot but performs well as walls and ceilings. The heavier porcelain tile will be a better surface underfoot but more difficult to install on walls and ceilings. Installing tile can be tedious because each piece has to be set one by one.

So what else can you use to make a custom stone shower without all these negatives?

Engineered Stone by Syn-Mar Products is a first-rate substitute for a custom, versatile, and durable shower. Engineered Stone requires no grout or sealing and is easily cleaned with a variety of spray cleaners and a non-abrasive rag. Our products are very fairly priced when you consider the lifespan; Engineered Stone can withhold the same luxurious appeal for decades! The installation process is made simple with custom fabricated panels that adhere to sheet rock with 100% silicone. Last but not least, with our unique styles and accessories, and over one hundred color options, Engineered Stone is extremely unique and versatile.

For a non-leaking, low-maintenance, and exceptionally beautiful custom shower, be sure to consider Engineered Stone from the one and only Syn-Mar Products, Inc. Check out our blog, Showers and Tub Surrounds to learn more about all our shower related product offerings!

Just can’t get the idea of tile out of your head? At Syn-Mar Products we can work with tile to create a custom solution that incorporates both Engineered Stone and tile such as a feature strip or half walls. By using tile as the upper section of half walls it keeps the grout away from the majority of water, greatly reducing the maintenance and mold buildup.


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