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Upgrading Dormitory Bathrooms

At Syn-Mar Products we know that a huge factor for prospective students when picking the right university is the dormitories. And one of the biggest factors of a dorm, that can either make or break your college experience, is the bathrooms.

When upgrading a dormitory bathroom it is important to pick the right surface for the vanity tops and shower stalls. After all they are one of the most heavily used and frequently cleaned areas of the bathroom. When upgrading a dorm bathroom you must keep in mind the cleanliness as well as the quality of the materials.

1. Cleanliness – For the sake of upkeep and general appeal to the students and faculty, you are going to want to pick a surface that is easy to clean and stays clean. Tile showers are constructed using grout which is a porous material capable of housing mold and other microbial organisms.

Corian is easily cleaned with a damp sponge and soapy water. Corian is also non-porous and seamless; allowing no breeding grounds for mold, and no grout to seal and scrub. Not only is Corian easy to clean, but it stays clean longer by design and is 100% non-staining.

2. Quality – When considering quality versus price, this an aspect of upgrading that many contractors underestimate. Often times the cheapest solutions are not the best ones.  Fiberglass showers are very common in dormitory bathrooms. Although fiberglass is attractive in price it lacks in durability. Fiberglass showers are easily cracked or punctured by inanimate objects. This leaves unsightly holes and crevices which allows room for mold to grow.

Solid surface is durable and completely “solid” all the way through. This means it is the same quality of durable and non-porous material inside and out. Even if someone manages to chip the surface it will be nearly invisible due to the consistency throughout the panel. The chip also won’t expose any non-porous surface. Allowing no room for microbial organisms to take residence. By paying a little bit more for a higher quality product such as Corian, you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Corian is available in many colors and custom configurations making it an ideal solution for a dormitory bathroom. It is extremely easy to clean and 100% non-staining. Although costing a little bit more in price, its durability will save money in the future. So go ahead, upgrade the dormitory bathrooms with a product that represents the quality of education that the school delivers. 


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