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Sweet Frog

It was not long ago that the self-service frozen yogurt bars swept across New England in a big way. This supposedly healthier alternative to ice cream was suddenly trending and began popping up in many towns across New England. Syn-Mar Products had the pleasure of being able to work with the international frozen yogurt chain called Sweet Frog at the local location of Tolland, Connecticut.

Off the top of your head you are probably thinking that we made them some countertops and maybe a vanity top for their restroom. In fact, they came to us with a much more unique request. They needed some three dimensional cubbies made to house the frozen yogurt dispensers.

After an experienced Syn-Mar employee measured the proper dimensions, we were able to cut the required pieces out of Corian using CNC machinery. Once the proper pieces were cut and labeled they had to be built into the box-like cubbies. They were hand fabricated and individually glued piece by piece until they formed a seemingly one-piece object. The cubbies then slid easily into place and now serve as the home for all six frozen yogurt dispensers.

This is just one example of how Syn-Mar Products can serve your completely custom application. By utilizing CNC technology and our expertise in the fabrication of Corian we can create a solution for nearly any retail need.


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