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Springfield College

Springfield College is a private college located off of I-91 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is a coeducational school offering undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral degrees. Springfield College is often referred to as the birth place of basketball since it was invented by graduate student, James Naismith, in 1891.

Syn-Mar Products had the pleasure of outfitting the Townhouses with brand new, custom fabricated Corian countertops in the color Sandstorm. Typically home to seniors, the Townhouses are an apartment style housing option located right next to Stagg Field.

At Syn-Mar Products we pride ourselves on our ability to create completely custom bathroom and kitchen solutions. Custom shapes and dimensions can make a world of difference when it comes to ease of installation.

The Townhouses at Springfield College were built in 1991. Therefore the pre-existing wall space and plumbing did not make this renovation easy. Each and every sink had to be a precisely measured size; no two were the same. We made over 80 sinks, all of them trapezoid in shape, but each one was a completely custom dimension.

Syn-Mar Products sent an experienced professional out to Springfield College to measure and individually template each sink. The templates were then labeled using a system that specified each sink by the unit number and floor number.

Once the templates were measured and cut they were brought back to our factory. Upon arrival the dimensions were inputted into our computer system and translated onto our CNC machine. The sinks were cut one by one, each one outfitted with two side splashes, a back splash, and an apron.

The tops were then transported into our fabrication room. Here the bowls were seamlessly glued into place. As soon as the glue hardened they were expertly finished with an abrasive paper and individually inspected to ensure quality. Upon completion the tops were carefully boxed and appropriately labeled, making it convenient to determine which sinks had to go where.

Syn-Mar Products knows that collaborating with contractors and installers is important to the final outcome of large project such as this one. The job site can be a hectic place, and if we can aid in making it a little less stressful then we will. The end result was 80 unique vanity tops that will withhold their value for many years to come. For more information on why Corian is the perfect surface for academic institutions read our blog titled Upgrading Dormitory Bathrooms.


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