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Meet Our Furry Friends

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

If you have ever been into our showroom in Ellington, Connecticut, you might have noticed a couple of Labrador Retrievers alongside our office staff. Maizy, the petite black lab, is Tim Hill’s dog. Tim is the owner of Syn-Mar Products, Inc. Cody, the yellow lab, is Ken Hill’s dog. Ken is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Syn-Mar Products, Inc. as well as Tim Hill’s younger brother.

Both of these friendly pups spend most of their week days in the office, welcoming guests and lazing around. For those of you that haven’t met our furry office companions, here’s a little bit about them.

Maizy – Maizy is a nine year old black lab. She enjoys belly rubs and long walks outside with her family. She is very intelligent, eager to please, and has never been known to turn down a car ride. Maizy adores romping around in the snow, but her favorite season is definitely summer. During the summer Maizy spends the majority of her days lounging by the pool and swimming. The water is her true love and she is incredibly comfortable in it. Although she won’t jump in, she frequently swims up to pool rafts and climbs aboard.

Cody – Cody is a fourteen year old yellow lab with a knack for eating. In fact, he’ll eat almost anything you put in front of his face. He would be more than happy to eat your leftovers, as you caress his floppy ears and scratch his back. Some of his favorite treats are Milk Bones and Pupperoni sticks. Cody will chew on the occasional bone, but isn’t really one for a lot of toys. He isn’t much of a cuddle bug either, but always wants to be next to you. If there is one thing Cody loves more than eating it would have to be sleeping. Whether he is in Ken’s office on his doggy bed, on the couch with the family, or in the hallway awaiting guests, Cody is always ready to take a power nap.

Both Maizy and Cody are extremely friendly and obedient dogs. They are able to perform a handful of tricks on command if given the proper incentive. Tricks range from sit, lay down, paw, speak, and more.

Although they may appear as large, fluffy paper weights, these pups serve a significant role at Syn-Mar Products. Their job description includes assisting in mail retrieval, keeping the floor clean of crumbs, and most importantly, boosting the morale of employees and customers. So don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom and say, “Hello!” to our furry friends. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask about the many ways in which Syn-Mar can upgrade your home with our wide variety of Engineered Stone products.


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