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Liquor World

Liquor World is located off of route 83 in Ellington, CT right next to Big Y. Like most retail stores, Liquor World was faced with the problem of finding a safe place for customers to purchase their booze of choice before leaving the store. Of course the most appropriate place for the register is at the entrance. With that said the check-out counter is the first thing customers see when they enter the store, and the last thing they see before they leave.

Management at Liquor World decided on one of our engineered granites by the name of Pompeii from our Terra Bella Collection. Terra Bella mimics the look of real stone while maintaining cleanliness and durability.

This multi-level custom countertop features a matte finish and Blunt Nose special edge. Terra Bella is rock solid and very resistant to damage. However, if damage is to occur it is easily repaired and touched up with an abrasive pad or sand paper.

This countertop features a luxurious appeal and is sure to impress customers by greeting them with a feeling of quality. After all, there is nothing more important in today’s economy than leaving customers with the feeling that they got the best return out of every dollar spent. For more information on how we can upgrade your retail location, check out our Retail page under the Commercial heading.


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