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Is a Custom Shower Base Right for You?

Updated: Jul 3

At Syn-Mar Products we manufacture durable Engineered Stone surfaces for the kitchen and bath. When in the bathroom, the showers are perhaps the most heavily used area just behind the sinks. Picking the right shower base is essential to not only the ease of installation, but the longevity of its use.

The shower base, also known as the shower pan, is the floor of the bathroom shower. A reliable shower base is critical because it is the last line of defense for keeping the water contained to where it should be.

All Syn-Mar Products’ shower bases are water tested before shipping to ensure our no-leak guarantee. We offer a limited variety of standard shower base options as well as customizable options. Whichever you choose, all of our Engineered Stone products are durable, easy to clean, and anti-microbial. Standard shower bases are cast in one piece of Engineered Stone in whichever color you desire.

Standard Shower Bases: Single threshold options: 60”x32” off left or off right drain 60”x30” center drain

60"x30" off left or off right drain 48”x36” center drain 36”x36” center drain 32”x32” center drain

Triple threshold options: 38” neo angle 36” neo angle

Custom Shower Bases: Custom shower bases are made up of four main components. All of the components are individually cast in molds, cut to size, and hand fabricated using a water-proof adhesive. The components of a custom shower base include…

Threshold – The threshold, or curb, is the visible part of the base that you step over as you enter the shower.

Slab – The slab is the ground floor, or the piece you stand on throughout the entirety of your shower.

Drain – The drain is the visible hole in the slab the water disappears into as you take your shower.

Water Dams – the water dams provide a surface for the shower panels, or walls, to attach to. They provide added anti-leak protection and are not visible once the shower base is properly installed.

The largest threshold and slab we can produce is 96″ long. Options include single, double, and triple thresholds of various sizes and angles with the drain in the location of your choice.

How Do You Know If A Custom Shower Base Is Right For You? Standard shower bases are perfect for those standard sized replacements. However, in this day and age not everything is cookie-cutter in shape. Custom shower bases are ideal when upgrading a bathroom shower that was not originally “standard” by design. Installation is made simpler when we produce a shower base custom fabricated to fit an exact dimension. Custom shower bases are also an ideal option for giving that master bathroom or President’s suite an elegant, custom flair. Our standard and custom shower base options are all available in any of our Marble, Granite, or Onyx colors and backed by our warranty.


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